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Driving Lessons

What to expect!

You will be given a lesson on a one to one basis, No car sharing offers you maximum learning time.

You will be picked up at a location of your choice and can be dropped off at any location (within reason!!)

The lessons will be tailored around your needs. If you need time to take in all that is needed - no problem, however if your a natural we will do all we can together to get you to test as soon as possible.

My car vauxhall corsa

Fully qualified by the Driving Standards Agency and Police checked for total confidence. I opperate under the DSA Code of Conduct and undertake Continued Professional Development. For further information visit there web site at www.gov.uk/contact-dvsa . For general info try www.gov.uk/learnerdrivers


Minimum 6 Hour course after passing your test will enhance your driving ability and give you your first taste of motorway driving. You can normally get a discount from your insurance company after completing this course. In most cases this discount more than covers the cost of the course. For more info check out www.gov.uk/passplus

I am a member of the Association of Professional Driving Instructors (South West). This is a local Association meeting on a monthly basis to discuss all aspects of this profession. Visit our web site www.apdi.info for more details.
I am a member of the Driving Instructors Association. This is a national Association that covers all aspects of the Driving Instructor Profession. Visit them at www.driving.org
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